Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Solution- yester year TV Quiz !

1. Here's an Ad song
"Hey hey hey saason mein zinda dil taazgi. Zindagi jeene ke liye. Saari duniya hai mere liye. Saason mein zinda dil taazgi. Har pal hai mere liye"
Whats the product? It fits instead of the "Hey hey hey" at the start.
Colgate Gel.

2. Who said to whom? Main tere bas mein aanewaala nahi.
Betaal from Vikram aur betaal...Oh I used to love this serial -Sunday afternoon !

3. Name the serial which allowed you go into past or future using a remote control.
Indradhanush .... (Guessing)...

4. Who hosted "The World This Week"?
Pranay Roy

5. Shah Rukh Khan's first TV serial was Fauji - what was his name in it?

Abhi -- Abhimanyu Rai- arey yaar kya craze tha us time pe - I was a junior high girl when this was telecast. All we did in our lunch break was to talk about what Abhi did ....

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