Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yester year TV quiz - part II

This Quiz was designed by Sunil Ganu and posted in Muskhare forum-

Here are few from my side...Identify the ad, theme, serial or where it is taken from - all related to Desi TV DD1 & DD2.
1) Bela gulab juhi champa chameli.....what's it about and if you can identify the preceding line ..

2) "Dekho beta yeh tau kudrat ki baat hai...." where it is taken from, details ?

3) "Wakai kaafi bada hai .." what is it?

4) Identify the serial - �30 years ka experience...� this serial also have another catchy line.?

5) Complete the line from theme song and you will get the serial "Man ek seepi hai, asha moti hai har pal jeevan..."

6) A hindi serial based on college life and drugs. R. D Burman composed the title song.

7) Hema Malini first appeared in this TV serial.

8) Name the Serial & actress: Story of a simple girl who struggles and fight to become an IPS officer. Shekhar kapoor also appeared in this serial.

9) Mother and son were director of this famous serial, based on medical profession, hosiptals. Identify.

10) This Serial's theme song is based on tune from song 'Tum pukar lo..' from Khamoshi & directed by famous director.

11) Serial has a story of a small town boy comes to metro and falls in love with a rich girl of owner of his house. Shahid kapoor's biological mother acted in that one.

12) Today almost all serials are based on this theme. But this was the first serial based on multi millionare business family. Identify the Serial and the actor played the role of the head of the business family?

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